Printing, Copying & Scanning

The library uses a self-service system called GoPrint for printing and copying. For KUMC faculty, students and staff, your GoPrint username and password is the same as your network log-in information.

All the machines in the library (except the color printer) can be used to either print or copy. The color printer is located on the second floor near the elevator. You can choose GoPrint Color from the drop down menu in the Print Dialog box when sending your document.


  1. Select double-sided, single-side, or color printing from the Print Box when you send the document to the printer.
  2. Go to a release station and find the button with your username on the monitor next to the printer; click on your username.
  3. Select print jobs and click on "GoPrint"
  4. Enter username and password and click on "Sign In"
  5. Double-check to make sure these are the items you need. Then select "Click Here to Accept Charge"
  6. Documents will print out at the printer next to you.


Enter your username and PIN using the keyboard next to the copier you wish to use. (For students, faculty and staff, the PIN is your network username and password.) When you are done copying, hit the CLR button on the GoPrint box key pad. You will be logged off the system and given your account balance.


Black & white printing and copying is $0.10 per page/per side.  Color printing is $0.35 a page single-sided (double-sided color printing is not available).  There are no color copy machines available.

Adding Funds

You can add funds to your GoPrint account at the Content and Access Services Desk of the Library. Funds can be added with cash, check, MasterCard, Discover or VISA.  Funds added to your GoPrint account are non-refundable.


The library has two feeder/flatbed scanners freely available for use. The computer is equipped with Adobe Professional software, allowing you to create and modify PDF files from scanned documents.  These scanners are located on the ground floor near the elevator. 

Last modified: Mar 21, 2014