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Search tips:

Enter search terms in all lower case. This forces the search engine to find all versions of the terms—upper, lower or mixed case. Example:

search term: harvey
matches: Harvey, harvey or HARVEY

Entering your search terms in mixed case will force the search engine to match that term exactly.

search term: Harvey
matches: Harvey, but not harvey or HARVEY

NOTE: the search engine performs word stemming by default. A search on the term ‘diagnostic’ will also produce results that include diagnostics, etc.

Searching only page titles

You can steamline your searches by restricting them to one specific area of a document. For example, search for a page title match as follows:
harvey <IN> title

<IN> instructs the search engine to look in a specific location for the terms included in the search, in this case, the document title. The <IN> tag can also specify: <PARAGRAPH> <SENTENCE> <PHRASE> or <NEAR> (NEAR selects documents containing specified search terms, where the closer the search terms are within a document, the higher the document’s ranking).

Boolean searches

A boolean search is one in which you assign simple rules to the search. The most basic of these are the AND, OR, and NOT operators. Examples:
search term: harvey AND circulation
matches pages that contain the two terms: harvey and circulation

search term: harvey NOT circulation
matches documents that contain the term ‘harvey’ but not the term ‘circulation’.

search term: harvey OR circulation
Matches documents that contain one or both terms ‘harvey’ or ‘circulation’