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Desault, Pierre Joseph (1744-1795).

Oeuvres chirurgicales, ou expose de la doctrine et de la pratique.

Paris, Mequignon l'a in e, an IX-XI[1801-03]

"Desault was a great French surgeon, one of the first professors at the Ecole Pratique de Chirurgie, Paris. He made many suggestions regarding the treatment of fractures and dislocations and is one of the founders of modern vascular surgery. He was Xavier Bichat's teacher, and Bichat edited vols. 1 & 2. Vol 3, edited by P.J. Roux, concerns urological diseases" (Morton's Medical Bibliography, Fifth Edition, Edited by Jeremy M. Norman)..

"His Oeuvres Chirurgicales was published in three volumes in 1803 and remained as a standard work on surgery for 50 years. He was imprisoned during the revolution and later released. He died while he was the attending physician to the Dauphin" (A Dictionary of the History of Medicine, Anton Sebastian).

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