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Alpini, Prosper (1553-1617).

Medicina gyptiorum: Accessit huic editoni eiusdem auctoris.

Lugduni Batavorum: apud Gerardum Potvliet, 1745.

"Prosper Alpino, physician and botanist, graduated at Padua and, from 1580 to 1583, travelled through the Greek islands and Egypt. In 1593, he was appointed director of the botanical garden at Padua and professor in the university. His best known works were De plantis Aegypti liber, 1592; De Medcicina Aegyptorum, 1591; and De praesagienda vita et morte aegrotontium. The first work was a description of plants found in Egypt, the second an account of medicine as practiced in Egypt, and the third a unique treatise on medical prognosis. Alpino's works were extremely popular during his lifetime, and he was regarded as one of the chief oranaments of the Paduan school" (A History of Medicine, Ralph H. Major).

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