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Tagliacozzi, Gasparo (1546-1599).

De curtorum chirurgia per insitionem. In uibus ea omnia, quae ad huius chirurgiae.

Venetiis, Gasparem Bindonum, 1597

"Tagliacozzi revived the art of plastic surgery which had been a family secret in the hands of the Brancas of Cantania for more than a century. For this innovation he was roundly abused by Pare and Fallopius and all the clergy agreed that he was meddling with the handiwork of God. So great was the feeling against him that his remains were exhumed from the convent and buried in unconsecrated ground. But he was very popular with the people and had droves of patients. Hudibras mentions him as follows:

'So learned Tagliacozzi from
The brawny part of Porter's bum
Cut supplemental noses which
Would last as long as parent breech.
But when the date of nock was out
Off dropped the sympathetic snout'"
(Dictionary of Scientific Biography).

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