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Alpini, Prosper (1553-1617).

…Medicina Aegyptorum: Accessit huic editoni eiusdem auctoris.

Lugduni Batavorum: apud Gerardum Potvliet, 1745.

"Alpini (also spelled Alpino), was a physician and botanist who is credited with the introduction to Europe of coffee and bananas. While a medical adviser to Giorgio Emo, the venetian consul in Cairo (1580-83), Alpini made an extensive study of Egytpian and Mediterranean flora. He is reputed to have been the first to fertilize date palms artificially. Alpini was appointed professor of botany at the University of Padua (1593), where he cultivated several species of Oriental plants and described in his De plantis Aegypti liber. His account of current Egyptian medical practice, De medicina Aegyptorum, was a valuable addition to medical history. Alpini's study of Egyptian diseases culminated in his widely acclaimed De praesagienda vita et morte aegrotontium" (Encyclopedia Britannica Online).

Alpino's excellent monograph on Egyptian medicine is probably the earliest on the subject. Sudhoff-Pagel calls it an excellent medical-historical-geographical handbook to Egypt.

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