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Ruysch, Frederik (1638-1731).

Anatomiae and Botanices Professoris Thesaurus Anatomicus.

many folding engraved plates by Vivium and Huijberts.
Amsterdam, Janssonio-Waesbergios, 1721.

"Ruysch, professor of anatomy at Leyden and Amsterdam, is notable for his method of injecting the vessels. The recipe for the material used by Ruysch has remained a secret. He gave the first description of bronchial blood vessels and vascular plexuses of the heart, demonstrated the valves of the lymphatics, and made a great number of other important discoveries in anatomy" (Morton's Medical Bibliography, Fifth Edition, Edited by Jeremy M. Norman)..

"He coined the term 'bronchial' to describe the arteries and veins around the bronchi in 1665. The capillaries in the deepest part of the choroid (tunic of Ruysch) were described by him in 1721. His museum collection of over 1300 specimens was bought by Peter the Great and was brought to St. Petersburg. The sailors who brought the specimens were found drunk after consuming the alcohol used to preserve the specimens. Ruysch's daughter, Rachel, was also an anatomist and was the first woman director of the anatomical museum at Amsterdam" (A Dictionary of the History of Medicine, Anton Sebastian).

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