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Leeuwenhoek, Anthony van (1632-1723).

Arcana naturae detecta.

Delphis Batavorum, apud Henricum a Krooneveld, 1695.

"Pioneer microbiologist, was born in Delft, Holland and learned the art of making lenses in Amsterdam. On his return to Delft in 1652, he developed an interest in microscopy. He announced the discovery of protozoa in 1677 in the Philosophical Transactions. He was the first to distinguish bacteria and he published his drawings in the same journal in 1683. He is esteemed as the first protozoologist and bacteriologist. He also observed canals in bone in 1675,later called the Haversian canals. Following his death, his 248 microscopes were auctioned by his daughter Maria" (A Dictionary of the History of Medicine, Anton Sebastian).

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