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Cowper, William.1666-1709.
Anatomia corporum humanorum…et nunc primun supplementum. Curante Gulielmo Dundass…Hanc novam & multo auctiorem editionem…Rudolphus Schomberg. Ultrajecti, Apud Nicolaum Muntendam, 1750.

(1698 edition)" The most elaborate and beautiful of all 17th century English treatises on anatomy and also one of the most extraordinary plagiarisms in the entire history of medicine. Cowper purchased sets of the van Gunst copperplates used to illustrate Bidloo's book, and issued them under his own name with an English text and a new illustrated appendix. For the frontispiece Cowper had a small printed flap with his own name pasted over Bidloo's title and name. Naturally Bidloo accused Cowper of plagiarism and published the record of the case in the following polemic: Gulielmus Cowper, criminis literarii citatus, coram tribunali nobiliss., apliss: Societatis Britanno-Regiae, Leiden, 1700" (Morton's Medical Bibliography, Fifth Edition, Edited by Jeremy M. Norman).

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