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Cleyer, A.

Specimen medicinae Sinicae sive opuscula ad mentem Sinensium. Francofurti, 1682

Exceedingly rare first edition of the first work giving European reproductions of Chinese anatomical plates. Mich. Boym, a Jesuit missionary in China, first wrote on Chinese puls lore (1666) giving plates repr. the peculiar method of pulse taking. His work was ressurected and published by the physician and botanist, Andreas Cleyer, 1682. Cleyer gives the woodcuts illustrating the Chinese doctrine of the pulse ad the semeiolofy of the tongue; also 30 plates of Chinese anatomy and other phases of medical sinology. The Chinese materia medica is unusual extensive" (Garrison p. 63)

Cleyer was head of the medical service at Decima. After his journey to Java he devoted himself to botany. A special chapter deals with : "de indicis morborum ex linguae coloribus et affectionibus"

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