Montana de Monserrate, Bernadino

Libro de la Anothomia del hobre.

Valladolid, Sebastian Martinez, 1551.

"Bernardino Montana de Monserrate, although one may search in vain for his name in the standard histories of medicine, is worthy of recognition if only as the author of the first text on anatomy to be published in the Spanish vernacular."

"In the section entitled "The Dream of Marques de Mondejar", Spanish historians of medicine (found) opinions which they believe entitle the author to be regarded as a precursor of William Harvey, and by some as the actual discoverer of both the pulmonary and general circulation."

A full translation of these passages is to be found in Saunder's article (in Journal of the History of Medicine, I pp 87-107) who adds: "It is to Montana's credit that he grasped and expressed with clarity and brevity the function of the valves of the heart."

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