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(Jacopo da Carpi)

Isagogae Breves perlucidae ac uberrimae in Anatomiam humani corporis a communi Medicorum Academia usitatam
Bologna, Benedictus Hectoris, 1523

"Carpi was the first to describe the vermiform appendix, the first to see aryhemoids as separate cartilages, the first to recognise the larger proportional size of the chest in the male and of the pelvis in the female; the first to give a clear account of the thymus gland"-Singer

Berengario introduced iconography and independent anatomical observation into the teaching of anatomy. His Commenntaria was the first work since the time of Galen to display any considerable amount of anatomical information based upon personal investigation and observation. The above work is a condensed version of the Commentaria. This is the work for which Berengario is best known. (Morton's Medical Bibliography, Fifth Edition, Edited by Jeremy M. Norman)

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