Margarita Philosophica.

Freiburg, Johannes Schottus, 1503.

The Margarita Philosophica (The Philosophical Pearl), a well known encyclopedia of science, was a very influential book of the early Renaissance period. The book was edited by Gregor Reisch, (1467-1525) a Carthusian monk and prior of the monastery at Freiburg. Reisch was also confessor to the Emperor Maximilian I.

In addition to the 1503 Latin edition, generally described as the first, the Clendening also holds a 1515 Latin edition which contains a "modern" world map, and a 1599 Italian translation. The book is divided into twelve sections: grammar, dialectics, rhetoric, arithmetic, music, geometry, astronomy and astrology, natural philosophy, origin of things, powers of animal sensation, powers of the animal intellect, and moral philosophy.

From a medical standpoint, there are a number of illustrations of interest including the man with a dissected thorax and abdominal cavity shown here.
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