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Mansur ibn Mohammed

Anatomy of Mansur (Tasrih-I-Mansuri).

Persia, 17th century.

Composed in 1396 by Mansur ibn Mohammed ibn Ahmad ibn Yusuf ibn Faqih llyas (fl. 1384).

An illustrated treatise on human anatomy usually referred to as the Anatomy of Mansur (Tashrih-i Mansuri) and dedicated to Sultan Ziya'al-Din Amir'zadah Pir Muhammad Bahadur, who is probably Pir Muhammad ibn'Umar ibn Timur, the Timurid ruler of Fars from 1393-1409.

The Clendening's copy of this manuscript consists of twenty-three leaves and contains five full page anatomical figures drawn in several colors. The figures are accompanied by little or no explanatory text and are likely to have been based on an ancient tradition which probably originated in Alexandria.

The ideas of Mansur ibn Muhammed regarding human anatomy are obviously extremely inaccurate. It should be remembered that, except for a brief period in Alexandria, there is no evidence that dissections of the human body were practiced except on rare occasions until the time of Vesalius in the 16th century.

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