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Hoffmann, Friedrich (1660-1742).

Dissertationum physico-medicarum selectiorum decas.

Lugduni Batavorum : Spud. T. Haak, 1713.

"Hoffmann of Halle was the most important of the Iatromechanists. He believed an ether-like "vital fluid" to be present in the nervous system and to act upon the muscles, giving them "tonus". He was a writer of extraordinary versatality, and the first to perceive pathology as an aspect of physiology"(Morton's).

"Hoffmann was a leading medical systematist of the first half of the eighteenth century. Although not a notably original thinker, he became a highly influential teacher and practicing physician in Germany, systematizing coherently the Galenic, iatromechanical, and iatrochemical aspects of the phenomena of health and disease. The attention he focused on the role of the nervous system in physiology and pathogenesis contributed to a gradual shift in medical approach, namely from preoccupation with so-called humors and vascular hydrodynamics to that with neuromuscular action and sensibility. This transformation was reflected in the subsequent medical systems of Cullen and John Brown" (Dictionary of Scientific Biography).

"Eminent physician born in Halle and educated in Jena. He visited England in 1684 and established contact with various scientific men including Robert Boyle. On his return to Halle he was appointed professor of medicine" (Dictionary of the History of Medicine, p. 397).

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