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Cocles, Bartolommeo della Rocca (1467-1504).

Phisionomi und Chiromanci..

Strassburg, durch M. Jacob Cammerlander von Mentz, (ab. 1540).

Physiognomy, from the Greek physis (nature) and gnomon (judge), is the study of character and disposition determination based on facial features. Physiognomy followed two tracks: first, it was used to discriminate character based on external appearances. Second, it was used as a method of "divination from form and feature". The latter aspect, however, was subject to many abuses and was outlawed by Parliament (17 George II. c. 5) in 1743.

For more information about physiognomy, please visit the Encyclopedia Britannica Online; for an earlier perspective, read the entry in the eleventh edition of the Encylopædia Britannica.
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