Dan Belz

Dan Belz

Why did you choose KUMC?

KUMC is renowned for producing primary care physicians who practice in Kansas, and since I plan on being one such physician someday, it seemed a natural fit. Being from Kansas City myself, the proximity to family and great value for tuition were also pluses.


D BelzWhat do you like about being a student at KUMC?

Going to school in a hospital is very interesting. It's an action-packed place and allows you to see medicine from a lot of different angles: educational, sociologic, business, political, etc. Working and studying here, I have learned so many things about Kansas and the Midwest that I never knew, even having lived here my whole life.


What is great about your program?

My absolute favorite thing about the School of Medicine has been the camaraderie and cooperation that exists between classmates. Before coming to KUMC, I had some fears about the cut-throat nature of medical school, but that has absolutely not been the case. Everyone has been very helpful — sending out study guides, organizing review sessions, and planning social gatherings so we can forget about school for awhile.


How would you suggest incoming students find balance at KUMC?

Take some time off to go to Kirmayer Fitness Center, read a book that has nothing to do with science/medicine, join a student group that reminds you why you chose to go into the health sciences. If you are feeling overwhelmed, Counseling and Educational Services is a great resource.


D BelzDo you have any general advice for incoming students?

The process of going through professional school can be very insular, and it's easy to lose sight of the reasons you decided to go into health care. Finding volunteer opportunities relevant to your studies can help give perspective to the process and renew your commitment to your particular field.


Where is your favorite study location on campus?

The second floor lobby of the Heart Hospital for its quiet atmosphere, comfy chairs, big windows and proximity to coffee.

Last modified: Feb 16, 2012
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