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Clinical partnerships

Medical research isn't all about world-renowned doctors, state-of-the-art labs, promising new drugs. Medical research is ultimately about easing the pain, finding hope and saving a life. The pioneers of medical research are doctors — those who are driven to find a cure, not for notoriety, but because they have the compassion for and seek to comfort a fellow human being. The pioneers of medical research are volunteers — those with illnesses who are hoping for a cure and helping to find a cure at the same time.

The success of our research depends on the partnership between these pioneers at KUMC — a partnership based on mutual trust and a common goal of wellness.

About the Clinical Research Center

Designed unlike any other research facility in the country, the 82,400-square-foot building, which was donated by the Hall Family Foundation, has been remodeled with state-of-the-art features and a more efficient use of space, resources and manpower to best accommodate patients and researchers:

  • Easily accessible outpatient exam and treatment rooms, office space and specimen collection labs
  • A pavilion for gatherings and community events
  • Clinical research functions combined into one location

Request Kits and Supplies Needed for a Clinical Trial

The CTO Office is pleased to launch the improved process of requesting kits and supplies needed for Community Sites at KUCC via RedCap.

Community Site Supply Orders

  1. Please fill out the request form in RedCap by clicking here with the following information:
    • Clinical Trial HSC number
    • Study Name
    •  Visit Name of Kit Needed
    • Quantity of Kits Needed.
    • Please indicate any miscellaneous supplies that are needed also such as air bills and shipping boxes.
    • Please note when the supplies are needed at you site.
  2. A confirmation the request is complete will appear on the screen with the option of supplying an email address for a confirmation email. The request will initially be sent to CTO lab members for additional information before entering the repository workflow.
  3. Once the entire form is complete by all CTO staff members, the turnaround time for community site supply requests is 3-5 days unless it is an urgent request. For same day request an e-mail should be sent to the CTO Lab as well.

For CTO Lab Staff

Once the study coordinators complete the Community Site Supply Form, designated CTO lab staff will be notified to finish the request. This CTO Lab Quick Start Guide explains how to complete the rest of the request.


If additional assistance is needed, please contact lberry4@kumc.edu or 913-945-7548.

Last modified: Apr 04, 2016