A Community Commitment

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Leading the way to a better future

Groundbreaking research, therapeutic treatments and life-changing cures are possible when a community embraces a vision of building a better future. KU's new Clinical Research Center, which will offer early-phase cancer trials and other clinical research studies, is the culmination of that kind of caring community commitment.


The residents of Johnson County championed this project in 2008 with the approval of a 1/8th-cent sales tax for research and education, a defining decision that will improve the lives of generations to come.

The tax is projected to raise $15 million a year for a three-pronged venture called the Johnson County Education and Research Triangle (JCERT). Each of three university-backed projects, which aim to advance research, science, education and technology, will boost the Kansas City area's reputation as a leader in the life-science and biomedical fields.

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Last modified: Apr 04, 2016
About the Clinical Research Center

Clinical trials and research studies at the Clinical Research Center will be conducted by:

• KU Cancer Center is working toward a world without cancer, through world-class research and patient care.

• KU Alzheimer's Disease Center has garnered international acclaim for its research and received national designation as an Alzheimer's Disease Center.

• Frontiers is a clinical and translational research organization that aims to bring scientific discoveries to the community faster.

• Midwest Cancer Alliance links discoveries made at the KU Cancer Center to a network of hospitals to provide access to the latest advancements close to home.