150 Trees Campaign Contributors

Andrew Godwin In honor of Phoebe & Phillip Godwin
Allison Netson, Christi Bartlett, Christian Sinclair, Emily Riegel, Karin Porter-Williamson, Lindy Landzaat, Lori Olson In recognition of the Palliative Medicine Division of the Internal Medicine Department
Angela Blackwell, Evan Dean, Julie Broski, Kylea Shoemaker, Lindsey Jarrett, Mark Burghart, Matt Braun In honor of Winnie Dunn, PhD
Angela Mayorga May, Lisa Shenkman, Teresa Long In recognition of Psychiatry & Internal Medicine/Psychiatry Residency Program
Ann Hall, Bobbi Stidham, Erin Powell, Kelly Ann Buszek, Randy Stout, Rosa Meagher In recognition of Integrated Administrative Support Core (IASC)
Anonymous In memory of Shawn Matthew Trager
Anonymous In honor of KUMC students
Barbara Petersen  
Buddhadeb Dawn, MD  
Candice Clapham In memory of Claudia Jean Berry Lynn
Carrie Brown, Elissa Monroe, Greg Peters, Michael Welch, Natalie Lutz, Selena Jabara, Theresa Jernigan  
Christine Daley In memory of Caitlyn Elizabeth Daley
Cynthia Teel, PhD, RN  
Daniel Swagerty In memory of MaryAnn McMullan
David Vranicar  
Debra Brogden & Jennifer Tanquary  
Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences  
Division of Cellular Therapeutics and Hematologic Malignancies  
Division of Medical Oncology  
Doug Girod, MD  
Dustin Carrillo In recognition of Department of Medicine
Eric Elsinghorst, PhD In honor of Venus Ward, PhD, MLS (ASCP)
Faculty and staff of the Department of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Sciences In honor of Dr. Lisa Stehno Bittel, PhD
Faculty and staff of School of Health Professions In honor of Karen Miller, School of Health Professions
Faculty and staff of School of Nursing In honor of Karen Miller, School of Nursing
Gary Doolittle, MD In memory of Bill & Mary Lou Doolittle
Gary Doolittle, MD, & Ro Henderson In memory of Wilbur & Larna Sue Henderson
Giulia Bonaminio, PhD In memory of Iole Bonaminio
Grace Legaspi In memory of Dr. Pedro & Norma Legaspi
Graduate Student Council  & Student Governing Council In recognition of KUMC Students
GSC & SGC In honor of KUMC Students
Health Information Technology Services In memory of Robert J. Rowland III
History & Philosophy of Medicine Department/ KUMC Archives/Museum  
Hunter & Annie Harris In honor or memory of someone- private
James Kindscher, MD  
Jane Rock, Alex & Hilda Rock, Elise & Steven Fee, Adam Rock In honor of Randall W. Rock, M.D.
Janice Kinney In memory of Erik Polichnowski
Jeff Wright  
Jeffrey Reene In memory of David Reene
Jennifer Wilson on behalf of the HITS In memory of Brad W. House II
Jill Grothusen In honor of Esme & Ellis Lee
Jill Peltzer, PhD, RN, APRN In memory of Sharon Lee Peltzer
Joseph Bast, PhD In honor of Mindy Schwartzkopf family & Erin Dorrell Family
Joshua Mammen, MD, PhD & Julie Mammen  
Judith Patrick In memory of Dr. Lee & Pauline Patrick
Kim Huyett In memory of Joyce Huyett & In honor of Charlie Huyett
KU Family In memory of Rev. William Henry Winter
KU HR Department  
KU Occupational Therapy Education Department In memory of Mary Wiese
KUMC Auxiliary  
Lisa Mische Lawson, PhD & James Lawson In memory of Elaine Rosalie Lawson
Lisa Mische Lawson, PhD & James Lawson In memory of Connie Mische
Lori Roop In recognition of Graduate Medical Education
Lou Wetzel, MD  
Lyn Harris In recognition of the Kidney Institute
Mary Sandt In memory of Brad Sutton
Merlin G. Butler, MD & Ranae Butler  
Michael Ahlers In honor of the Ahlers Family
Michelle De Souza In honor of Cherilyn De Souza
Molecular and Integrative Physiology Department
Norman Martin In honor of Dr. Norman Martin Family
Nurse Anesthesia Education Department  
Occupational Therapy Education Department In honor of Dean Karen Miller
Peter Smith, PhD  
Pharmacology, Toxicology & Therapeutics  
Preventive Medicine In honor of Jasjit Ahluawlia, Ed Dismuke, and Tom Chin
Psychiatry Department In recognition of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences
Randall Rock In honor of Dr. Hilda AG Rock
Randall Rock In honor of Dr. Lindsay Rock
Raymond Franklin In recognition of Department of Rehabilitation Medicine
Richard Barohn, MD  
Richard Barohn, MD In recognition of Department of Neurology
Rita & Jack Clifford  
Robert Simari, MD & Kelly  Simari  
Russ Waitman, PhD  
Sandy Billinger In recognition of KU REACH Lab
School of Health Professions Student Senate  
Steffani Webb  
Steven Stites, MD  
Steven Weinman, MD, PhD In recognition of KUMC Liver Center Members
Susan Carlson, Holly Hull, Jeannine Goetz, Rachel Barkley, Bill Barkley, Jill Hamilton-Reeves & Heather Gibbs In honor of Debra Sullivan
Tina VanRaden In honor of Derrick James Clifford
Tom Field In memory of Robert & Phyllis Sampson
Warren Nothnick, PhD In memory of Dolores Nothnick
William Brooks, PhD In honor of Mary Brooks
Winnie Dunn, PhD  
Wolfram Zueckert, PhD  
Last modified: Jul 11, 2016