Organizational Chart (PDF)

Lisa Hoebelheinrich, JD, Associate Vice Chancellor for Compliance & Associate General Counsel (913) 588-5964
Ryan Werth, JD, COI Manager (913) 588-1288
Kim Misner-Iles, MS, Compliance Program Specialist (913) 588-1375
Pat Dean-Love, MSM, Business Officer (913) 588-5079
Natalie Holick, JD, Director, Equal Opportunity Office  (913) 588-8011

Office of Animal Welfare
(Animal Protection Program)

Scott Bury, PhD, Director (913) 588-5492
Nathan Culley, DVM, Director, Institutional Animal Care (913) 588-2188
Michael Taylor, PhD, Office of Animal Welfare Compliance Specialist (913) 588-0312
Jason Hembree, MBA, ICUC Administrator (913) 588-2416
Amanda Knudsen, MS, IACUC Generalist (913) 588-1825

HIPAA Compliance

Juli Wessel, MS, Privacy Official, Director HIPAA Compliance                         (913) 588-0940

Institutional Review Boards

Karen Blackwell, MS, Director, 
Human Research Protection Program
(913) 588-0942
Kyle Stephens, HRPP Assistant director (913) 588-1240
Katie Kosfeld, BA, IRB Generalist (913)945-7742
Diane Etzel-Wise, HRPP Program Coordinator (913) 588-1390
Kris Whitaker, Quality Assurance Monitor (913) 945-6760
Melanie Moffat, IRB Generalist (913) 585-1493
Christopher Griffith, JD, IRB Generalist  (913) 588-1379
Jennifer Pennington, BA, IRB Administrator (913) 588-5712

Environment, Health and Safety Office

Ryan Lickteig - Director (913) 588-5163
Andrea Shipp, Radiation Safety Officer (913) 588-6126
Richard C. (Rick) Sundell, Assistant Radiation Safety Officer (913) 588-8112
Sonny Cherrito, Biological Safety Officer (913) 588-5206
Danielle Chavez, Industrial Hygienist (913)-588-8114
Jamie Ronchetto, EHS Program Generalist (913) 588-1081
Nathan Bushue, Biohazard Technician (913) 588-8110
Emily Mattwaoshshe, Hazardous Materials Coordinator (913) 588-5194
Compliance News

Annual Compliance Window FY 15 - Completed

If you are unable to log-in, first check with the helpdesk in case your password has expired.  If they tell you your account was disabled per compliance, please contact the Office of Compliance at 913-588-5079.

 Cookies and Compliance

If you missed our four-part series highlighting various compliance areas, you can view the presentations here.



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