Organizational Chart (PDF)

Lisa Hoebelheinrich, JD, Associate Vice Chancellor for Compliance & Associate General Counsel (913) 588-7281
Ryan Werth, JD, COI Manager (913) 588-1288
Kim Misner-Iles, MS, Compliance Program Specialist (913) 588-1375
Pat Dean-Love, MSM, Business Officer (913) 588-5079

Office of Animal Welfare
(Animal Protection Program)

Scott Bury, PhD, Director (913) 588-5492
Nathan Culley, DVM, Director, Institutional Animal Care (913) 588-2188
Michael Taylor, PhD, Office of Animal Welfare Compliance Specialist (913) 588-0312
Jason Hembree, MBA, ICUC Administrator (913) 588-2416
Amanda Knudsen, MS, IACUC Generalist (913) 588-1825

HIPAA Compliance

Juli Gardner, MS, Privacy Official, Director HIPAA Compliance                         (913) 588-0940

Institutional Review Boards

Karen Blackwell, MS, Director, 
Human Research Protection Program
(913) 588-0942
Kyle Stephens, HRPP Assistant director (913) 588-1240
Katie Kosfeld, BA, IRB Generalist (913)945-7742
Diane Etzel-Wise, HRPP Program Coordinator (913) 588-1390
Kris Whitaker, Quality Assurance Monitor (913) 945-6760
Melanie Moffat, IRB Generalist (913) 585-1493
Christopher Griffith, JD, IRB Generalist  (913) 588-1379
Jennifer Pennington, BA, IRB Administrator (913) 588-5712

Environment, Health and Safety Office

Ryan Lickteig - Director (913) 588-5163
Andrea Shipp, Radiation Safety Officer (913) 588-6126
Richard C. (Rick) Sundell, Assistant Radiation Safety Officer (913) 588-8112
Sonny Cherrito, Biological Safety Officer (913) 588-5206
Danielle Chavez, Industrial Hygienist (913)-588-8114
Jamie Ronchetto, EHS Program Generalist (913) 588-1081
Nathan Bushue, Biohazard Technician (913) 588-8110
Emily Mattwaoshshe, Hazardous Materials Coordinator (913) 588-5194
Compliance News

Annual Compliance Window FY 15 - UPDATE  Mostly over!

If you find you are unable to log-in, first check with the helpdesk in case your password is expired.  If they tell you your account was disabled per compliance, please contact the Office of Compliance at 913-588-5079.

Older posting

Please make sure you finish before 4:30 on Setpember 17th.  Anyone needing to have access resored on the 18th should go to the Dykes library, second floor computer lab.  First come, first served; bring your badge.

It's that time of year when we need you to complete your compliance training for FY2015. This year's training window is open now and ends Sept. 17.

Not only is compliance training a regulatory requirement mandated by the federal and state governments, but it helps us ensure a safe and ethical culture within our organization. This training is meant to educate and empower you. Due to the importance of this training, you will need to complete it by the Sept. 17 deadline in order to remain an employee in good standing and keep your computer access. Last year the Office of Compliance spent many hours sending and re-sending final notifications to employees who still needed to complete their training. We have discontinued that practice. Instead, we will send one broadcast reminder message to the campus at the midway point.

 For your convenience, this year we have included the unclassified employee appointment letters that contain the ongoing terms and conditions of your employment into the online training process. You have 30 days to complete your compliance training and sign your annual appointment letter, but I encourage you to do it while it's top of mind so you can be done with it. I know I'm going to get mine out of the way today!

 We have made this process as easy as possible. Training consists of four to five modules and will only take a couple hours to complete. You can save and go back where you left off as often as necessary and can even complete the modules from home.

 Log in to Chalk to get started. Complete the modules with red exclamation marks (the annual appointment letter will also be noted by a red exclamation mark).  A green checkmark will let you know when you have successfully completed a module.

 Please note:

  • The compliance window for UKP employees was held earlier this year. If you are a 100 percent UKP-funded employee, you do not need to do training at this time. If you are a dual affiliated employee (e.g. employed by both UKP/KU Medical Center or hospital/KU Medical Center), you will need to complete KU Medical Center training to meet your annual training obligations.
  • Conflict of Interest (COI) reporting is not part of this compliance training. You will receive a separate email from KU-Lawrence with instructions on completing the COI.
  • For personnel who work on human subjects research, the university's compliance window is also the time to complete training in human subjects protection if your training is due this fiscal year. For more information, visit the HRPP Training website.

If you have questions about compliance training, please contact Pat Dean-Love. If you have questions about the appointment letters, please contact Michael Harmelink, interim associate vice chancellor of human resources.

Thank you.

Steffani Webb
Vice Chancellor for Administration


News from HRPP about training for human subjects researchers: 

On July 15, 2014, the HRPP office began using an online resource, CITI (Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative), for Human Subjects Committee (HSC) training requirements.  HSC training is no longer available in Chalk.

The new CITI training is only required when your previous training expires. HRPP will continue to recognize your Chalk Training for 3 years from your completion date. Watch for updated information here.

Cookies and Compliance

If you missed our four-part series highlighting various compliance areas, you can view the presentations here.


General eCompliance Access

For eCompliance access issues, please contact Jayhawk Tech Clinic (IT Help Desk) at 588-7995.

eCompliance Assistance with IRB and COI

You can sign up for one of our helpful technical assistance sessions through the HRPP website, in the HRPP Events and Training Calendar. Or an HRPP staff member will assist you at your desk.  Contact Diane Etzel-Wise at 588-1390 or

Other COI info

If you have questions about completing your Conflict of Interest report, please see our informative COI website and be sure to check the User Guides.  Don't forget to check the box and click finish at the Assurance and Certification screen; otherwise your report will remain in draft status.

Keep your Disclosures current! Please "Create an Update Certification" in eCompliance if you have a new entity to disclose or make changes to your existing disclosures within 30 days of the change.

COI Contact Information: 588-0940, 588-1390 or View more info at the COI Website.  

Last modified: Oct 27, 2014