Risk and Review Types

Please review our quick reference guide on IRB Application Types to assist you in choosing the correct program description / review type.

Minimal Risk Research

There are two categories of Minimal Risk Studies:  Exempt and Expedited.  Determining whether a proposed research study falls within one of the Exempt or Expedited categories is often a judgment call rather than a hard line regulatory decision.  The decision becomes clearer when the researcher is able to frame her / his research proposal into one of the Exempt or Expedited categories.  It is important that investigators familiarize themselves with the categories, so they know which initial program description to complete to upload into eIRB. 

Additionally, Retrospective Chart Reviews are minimal risk research.  The form is designed to assist our office with making the correct determination on whether your retrospective chart review is Exempt or Expedited.

One of these Project Descriptions should be uploaded in the Supporting Documents screen of the eIRB application for minimal risk studies.

Full Committee Review

The Full Committee Project Description should be uploaded in the Supporting Documents screen of the eIRB application if you have determined that a full committee review is needed.

You may request the Institutional Review Board rosters from the Human Subjects office at humansubjects@kumc.edu or 588-1240.

All proposals are entered into the electronic IRB system, which is accessed through https://ecompliance.ku.edu.  Complete electronic submissions will be placed on the agenda for the next available convened meeting. Review a list of 2014 IRB Meeting Dates

Last modified: Apr 15, 2014
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