Identification and Selection of Members

Voting or non-voting members and their alternates, the Chair and the Vice Chair are identified in one of the following ways:

  • Self-nomination by interested candidates;
  • Term renewal requests by members whose appointment term is ending;
  • Nomination by department chairs, center directors, or school deans;
  • Nomination by the Faculty Assembly Research Committee, the Executive Director of the Research Institute, the Associate Vice Chancellor for Compliance, or any of the Vice Chancellors; or
  • Nomination by members of the HSC, DSM-EC, COIC, IACUC, IRSC or RSC.

Prospective members must be recognized as individuals able to review and monitor research without personal bias, able to observe the strict confidentiality requirements associated with committee deliberations, and who understand the need to recuse themselves from case reviews in which they may have a conflict of interest. Nominations and requests for reappointment are submitted in writing to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Compliance, and shall include the following:

  • Description of the nominee's qualifications for serving on the committee
  • A current curriculum vita or resume
  • Additional support documentation if needed
Nomination materials and reappointment requests are reviewed at regularly scheduled meetings of the Research Advisory Council (RAC). The RAC may solicit additional information at its discretion. After evaluation of the individual's qualifications and consideration of committee needs, the RAC will submit written recommendations to the Executive Vice Chancellor which specify the type of appointment that should be considered (i.e., voting, non-voting, Chair, Vice Chair), terms of appointment, and a brief explanation of the RAC's selection rationale. The EVC is responsible for the final selection of new members and for issuing reappointments. Appointment letters which outline the committee charge, member responsibilities and terms of appointment shall be issued by the EVC through the Associate Vice Chancellor for Compliance.

Last modified: Dec 14, 2012