EHS Chalk Training

EHS Chalk Training

Below are the links to the training the EHS office has available on Chalk.

All classified and unclassified KUMC, UKP and Research Institute employees and students (full-time, part-time and/or temporary) are required to complete this General Safety Tutorial.


Laboratory Workers: At a mininum, the EHS office recommends those who work in laboratories should take the training listed to below. Consult your supervisor or the list at the bottom of this page to determine additional training requirements.

Patient Care Personnel: At a minimum, the EHS office recommends those who work in patient care areas of the campus must complete the training listed to the right. Additionally, employees who work in KU Hospital patient care areas may be required to take training as designated by KU Hospital authority.

Facilities Maintenance (FM) Personnel: All FM personnel must take the Environment, Health and Safety General Safety Tutorial as new employees and then annually. FM personnel may also need to take any or all of the other training modules listed below - consult your supervisor.

 Other Training: Consult your supervisor to determine whether or not you need to take any of the training modules listed below.

Last modified: Nov 12, 2013