Annual Compliance Training

The FY 14 training and recertification window began August 5 and ended September 18, 2013. At the beginning of the fiscal year, all University of Kansas Medical Center (university only!) staff and faculty (adjunct and volunteer included), complete annual training in the following  topics:  Computer Security ; Environment, Health and Safety;  Preventing Harassment; and every three years, Violence in the Workplace. 

Training is completed online via  myKUMC: Log in and navigate to the Training tab, select CHALK Online Training.

An annual conflict of interest certification, (formerly called a disclosure), is also required for staff and faculty; only volunteer faculty performing research is required to participate in the COI process. Watch for an email from

Additional training and or certification may be required annually, depending on an individual's role; for example, FERPA is required for anyone accessing student records.

Contacts for further information about training or recertification:



Additional safety training

Environment, Health and Safety Office  913-588-1081


Student Services - 913-588-6211   All personnel with access to an official university student information system are required to complete this training about student records privacy.

Human subjects protection

Human Research Protection Program  913-588-1240


KUMC HIPAA Program: 913-588-0942 Multiple tutorials related to HIPAA compliance. Users choose the tutorial relating to their institutional role. For more information about tutorial(s) that may be required, please contact the HIPAA Compliance program (913.588.0942).

 Job shadowing packet

 Now located on the HIPAA site, no longer in Chalk

Animal welfare

Office of Animal Welfare  -  913-588-2416

New hire training

Human Resources  Michael Cole -  913-588-5050

Computer security

University Information Security -  913-588-0966

Environment, health and safety

EHS office  - 913-588-1081

Preventing harassment

Institutional Opportunity and Access, KUL - 913-588-1216

Violence in the workplace

KUMC Police and HR:  Michael Cole  -  913-588-5050

UKP annual requirements

UKP Human Resources  - 913-588-2512


For More About Conflict of Interest Annual Reporting see the Conflict of Interest page on this site.


Last modified: Apr 02, 2014