Kansas Board of Regents policy requires faculty and unclassified staff of Regents institutions to file a conflict of interest report upon employment and at least annually thereafter. In addition, federal policies require assurances that all investigators on a research project are in compliance with institutional conflict of interest reporting procedures at the time a proposal is awarded funding. Please view the Conflict of Interest PowerPoint for more information.

Reporting System in FY14

The Annual COI Certifications for FY14 were created in the eCompliance system and distributed via e-mail by August 16, 2013. If you are a faculty member or unclassified professional or academic staff member and have not received an e-mail with the link to your FY14 certification, please contact us.  The FY15 Annual COI Certifications will be created in eCompliance as new faculty, staff, and residents join the KUMC community beginning July 1, 2014. These new KUMC individuals will be notified of their COI certification's availability in a system-generated email with a direct link. The KUMC Compliance window will open for others in August or September.

For assistance using the eCompliance system, please refer to the COI user guides, located at our User Guidance page. For personal assistance, contact

  • Juliann Gardner, 913-588-0940
  • Diane Etzel-Wise, 913-588-1390

The major benefit of the electronic system is that it retains your information from year to year. Consequently, in upcoming years you may simply confirm that no changes have taken place since the previous disclosure (if indeed no changes have taken place), rather than filling out a new form. If changes have taken place in your financial relationships, you will be able to edit your form, rather than filling out an entire new form. Another benefit of the new system is that forms route electronically, so there's no longer a need to print and sign a hard copy of your form.

To login, individuals use their KUMC network username and password. Announcements will be distributed annually via e-mail (from the email address) to all current faculty and unclassified staff to file an annual report in this system. In addition to annual reporting, faculty and staff must complete an ad hoc update to their disclosure report if their financial relationships change during the fiscal year. To update your disclosures throughout the year by creating update or ad hoc certifcations, the Conflict of Interest reporting system is accessed at

Last modified: Mar 11, 2014