Physician Payment Sunshine Act/Open Payments

Open Payments is a federally run transparency program that will increase public awareness of financial relationships between the health care industry and physicians by collecting and making public any payments or transfers of value between drug and device manufacturers and physicians or teaching hospitals. It's important that you, as the physician, know about this program, what's reported about you, and how you can answer questions from your patients.

Attention Physicians

    • Phase 1 for Physicians began June 1, 2014. There is no official end date for completing CMS Identity Management registration.
      • User Registration.
      • Access to System Request (you will not be able to see payment data at this time as industry continues to upload information)
    • Phase 2 began on July 14, 2014. Due to Open Payments website errors and maintenance the review phase has been extended until September 10, 2014. Outages to occur Saturday, August 30 and September 5, 2014.
      • Use CMS Identity Management registration credentials to register in the Open Payments System
      • Review payments posted by manufacturers and GPO's.
      • Dispute inaccurate payments as needed.
      • Only disputes and corrections initiated during the first 45 days will be guaranteed to be reflected in the public record.
  • Please register, review, and dispute payments as early as possible in order to allow additional time for technical issues and to allow sufficient time for disputes.
  • Failure to register will result in a lost opportunity to dispute and correct data that will be subject to public disclosure on September 30, 2014.
  • It is also important that you update your KUMC and/or KUH COI disclosures, if needed, as it could impact research funding and research administration.

CMS User Guides for Open Payments Website
Phase 1

Phase 2

Physician Payment Sunshine Act/Open Payment Literature

Mobile App: Open Payments Mobile for Physicians

Last modified: Aug 28, 2014