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Compliance Training


CITI training update. CEUs are available to purchase from CITI. Access to CITI requires registration on the CITI site as an affilate of KUMC.  More details about CEUs here: CEU Availability from CITI . How to affiliate with KUMC for a new account:  Creating a New CITI Account with Single Sign-On .

Information for New Employees

 New residents, students and employees are directed to TLC  via email for compliance training. You must wait for the email before logging in to complete your training.

You may also have training based on your job responsibilities, we call this role-based training. Read on for some contacts for further information, and there is a comprehensive training list here.

If you believe you have been assigned training but do not yet have access to TLC  please contact the Jayhawk Tech Clinic at 913-588-7995. Hospital users with questions or issues concerning TLC should call the Hospital Service Desk at 913-588-4894 or email

Contacts for further information about role-based training or recertification:



Additional safety training, which should you do?

Environment, Health and Safety Office  913-588-1081  


Office of the Registrar - 913-588-7055   All personnel with access to student records are required to complete this training about student records privacy.

Human Subjects Protection in CITI, a self-service resource


KUMC HIPAA Program: 913-588-0942

Clinical Job shadowing packet

KEE Program

Animal welfare

Office of Animal Welfare:  913-588-2416 

New employee training

Human Resources: 913-588-5050 

Information security awareness

University Information Security:  913-588-0966

Environment, health and safety, biosafety, etc.

EHS office:  913-588-1081

Preventing harassment

KUMC Equal Opportunity Office:  813-588-8011

Violence in the workplace

KUMC Police and HR : 913-588-5050

 Research Grand Rounds, RCR and GCP

 RI Training Director: 913-588-1242

For More About Conflict of Interest Annual Reporting see the KUMC Conflict of Interest page.

Last modified: Apr 13, 2017
Contact Us

Contact the KUMC Annual Compliance Training Staff:

Phone: 913-588-1206