HIPAA for new students or employees:  All new employees and students at KUMC complete a HIPAA module as part of their orientation training.

HIPAA for students: HIPAA training is part of the  student annual compliance core training window for FY16. The compliance window opens on October 1, 2015, and ends October 27, 2015. You will receive notice when the training is available.

HIPAA for affiliates: if you are not an enrolled student or employed by KUMC and need assistance with HIPAA requirements, please call 913-588-1206.

HIPAA Research Training:  This training is required for all personnel who are involved in human subjects research at KUMC. The training is available as Module 10 of the Human Subjects Research  Biomedical Researchers Basic Course in CITI. Please refer to the IRB's Human Subject Protection Training website for information and instructions on accessing CITI with KUMC credentials.  You must score 90% or above.

Vendors:  This training may be required for vendors who work in patient care areas but do not have patient contact. Please consult with your KUMC contact to determine whether this training is necessary.

 NOTE: UKP personnel should contact the University of Kansas Hospital for HIPAA training. The UKP Provider training is no longer available on the KUMC site.




Last modified: Oct 14, 2015