Physician Payment Sunshine Act/Open Payments

Open Payments is a federally run disclosure program that is intended to increase public awareness of financial relationships between the health care industry and physicians. This is accomplished by collecting data on payments and transfers of value between drug or device manufacturers and physicians or teaching hospitals and making it public information.


Part One: CMS Identity Management registration

User Guide for part one

EIDM Account Inactivity
EIDM will lock your user account if no activity is reported in the account for 60 or more days. To unlock your account, please refer to Section 3.2 of the Open Payments User Guide. EIDM will automatically deactivate any user that has not logged in for 180 days or more. You can contact Open Payments Help Desk at, or call 1-855-326-8366 to reinstate your account after 180 days of activity.

Part Two: Open Payments System Registration

  • Use CMS Identity Management registration credentials to register in the Open Payments System

User Guide for part two

Review and Dispute

  • The review and dispute period for 2014 calendar year payments and for 2013 calendar payments that were withheld from publication due to data errors will begin on April 6, 2015. The opportunity to review and dispute is scheduled to take place within a 45 day timeframe. Publication of the data will occur on June 30, 2015
  • Please register, review, and dispute payments as early as possible in order to allow additional time for technical issues and to allow sufficient time for disputes.
  • Failure to register will result in a lost opportunity to dispute and correct data that will be subject to public disclosure.
  • It is also important that you update your KUMC and/or KUH COI disclosures, if needed, as it could impact research funding and research administration.
  • For more information visit the Review and Dispute website

User Guide for review and dispute process

Tips to Streamline Registration

  • The entire registration process must be finished in a single session. Users cannot save entires or complete their profiles at a later time
  • To register in Open Payments you should have your NPI, DEA and state license numbers within reach.
  • Use Internet Explorer versions 8-10, or the latest version of Firefox. The system is not optimized for Safari or Chrome browsers.
  • Using the browser's navigation buttons during the registration process may delete informaiton you have entered.

Physician Payment Sunshine Act/Open Payment Information

CMS Physician and Teaching Hospitals Home Page

Fact Sheets

2013 Calendar Year Information

CMS Data Explorer -link to searchable database

Summary Data published December 19, 2014

  • Identified records are records which were both:
    • Matched by CMS to a single doctor or teaching hospital, and
    • Available for review and dispute for 45 days.
  • De-identified records are records that either:
    • Were not matched by CMS to a single doctor or teaching hospital due to missing or inconsistent information within the submitted records; or
    • Were not available for review and dispute for 45 days.

Data Errors - Intermingled Data Fix: Manufacturers and group purchasing organizations (GPOs) submitted intermingled data, such as the wrong state license number or national provider identifier (NPI), for physicians with the same last and first names. This erroneously linked physician data in the Open Payments system. CMS has implemented system fixes to resolve the issue. These records will be published on June 30, 2015.

Disputed Data Update: These disputes were initiated by physicians and teaching hospitals during the review and dispute period held earlier this year. Corrective action taken by industry prior to October 31 will be reflected in the refreshed data publication on or before December 31, 2014. Disputes that remain unresolved as of October 31, 2014 will display as disputed. Any record that was disputed and resolved as of October 31, 2014 will display as undisputed

Mobile App: Open Payments Mobile for Physicians

The goal of the app is to make tracking payment information easier and more convenient, and to improve the accuracy of payment information by tracking payments as they occur throughout the year. The app can be used for personal information collection and storage only; it will not interact with CMS systems.

Download the mobile app to your Android-based smartphone at the Google Play Store online or on your phone and Search for Open Payments Mobile for Physicians. For iPhone, visit the iOS Store and Search for Open Payments Mobile for Physicians.

Last modified: Nov 13, 2015
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