Conflict of Interest Committee

The Conflict of Interest Committee (COIC) is a permanent committee established to fulfill Regents policy, KUMC policy and State and Federal law requirements for the management, reduction and/or elimination of conflicts of interest for University faculty and staff. The COIC is charged with the following:

  • Assist in the management, elimination, and/or reduction of any conflicts of interest or time commitment of any faculty or unclassified staff which are disclosed or otherwise known;
  • Assess the compliance status of research-related components for apparent conflicts of interest;
  • Advise the institution on actions/sanctions necessary to resolve conflicts of interest to comply with Federal, State, Regents and KUMC policies and;
  • Serve as a resource to faculty and staff regarding possible perceived or potential conflicts of interest related to their research.

Committee Membership

The Committee shall be a standing body, composed of, but not limited to, representatives from  the following entities:

  • University of Kansas School of Medicine, Kansas City Campus
  • University of Kansas School of Medicine, Wichita Campus
  • University of Kansas School of Nursing
  • University of Kansas School of Health Professions
  • University of Kansas School of Pharmacy
  • University of Kansas Medical Center Basic Science Departments
  • Community surrounding the University of Kansas Medical Center

Composition of the Committee shall consist of at least five full-time faculty members

When an uncommon, unusual or discipline-specific knowledge is required for the review of a given proposal and appropriate expertise is not represented in the COIC, committee support staff, in consultation with the COIC chair and the committee administration, shall identify and seat appropriate consultants who shall serve in non-voting, advisory capacities on an as-needed basis.

Committee Support

Committee Support

Ryan Werth

Kim Misner-Iles
Compliance Specialist

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