Sponsored Awards

The Institute for Community Engagement and the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor sponsors annual awards to recognize KU Medical Center faculty, students and community partners for excellence in community engagement.

Faculty Awards

Shield IconFaculty Award for Enduring Scholarship in Community Engagement 
This award recognizes faculty for enduring dedication to the princliples of engaged scholarship, including excellence in developing, implementing and sustaining regional engaged scholarship initiatives.

Faculty Award for Early Achievement in Community Engagement
This award recognizes a faculty member's early achievements to the principles of engaged scholarship

Swirl IconKU Medical Center Enduring Community Partnership Award 
This award recognizes a community partner and KU Medical Center faculty team for sustained excellence in community engagement, as demonstrated by a project that addresses a critical health issue in the community.

KU Medical Center Community Partnership Early Achievement Award
This award recognizes a project or event that improves the health of a Kansas or Midwestern community in an enduring way.

Student Awards

The student awards are administered by the Division of Student Services. Eligibility applies to students enrolled at KU Medical Center in Kansas City, KU School of Medicine in Salina or KU School of Medicine in Wichita.

Infinity IconCommunity Project Student Group Award 
This award recognizes student organizations for an outstanding project or commitment to serving an underserved or rural community. Registered KU Medical Center student organizations are eligible for the $1,000 award.

Target IconStudent Community Leader Award 
This award recognizes one student with an exemplary commitment to improving the health of a rural or underserved community. Enrolled students at KU Medical Center are eligible for the $600 award.

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Last modified: Mar 16, 2016
Call for Nominations

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