Kearny County

Updated December 2015

  • Kearny County is served by KU Medical Center's Area Health Education Centers (AHECs), which serve the state through student education initiatives, professional education for health care providers, health screenings, clinics and public presentations on health topics.

Enhancing Student Education

  • 1 Kearny County physician serves as volunteer KU Medical Center faculty, providing medical students with hands-on training in rural and underserved communities as part of the Rural Preceptorship Program.
  • Kearny County is part of the Southwest Medical Education Network with Thomas Koksal, M.D., a resident of Garden City, serving as the medical education director. The medical education director helps coordinate the School of Medicine's efforts to mentor, train and place physicians throughout Kansas.

Strengthening the Health Care Workforce

  • 5 KU Medical Center alumni live and/or practice in Kearny County.
  • 2 health care providers have been placed in Kearny County since 2004 through the Kansas Recruitment and Retention Center, which provides placement assistance to rural health organizations and seeks to enhance the quality and quantity of health care professionals in rural Kansas.
  • 3 Kearny County physicians received funding through the Kansas Bridging Plan, a loan-forgiveness program offered since 1991 to primary care medical residents who agree to practice in rural Kansas.

Researching to Improve Health

  • KU School of Medicine–Wichita and Kearny County Hospital are teaming up to improve pregnancy and birth outcomes in rural Kansas. The Pioneer Baby quality improvement initiative is designed to improve pregnancy and birth outcomes among reproductive-aged women in one of the state's most underserved areas. Directed by Benjamin Anderson, CEO of Kearny County Hospital, and Lisette Jacobson, Ph.D., assistant professor of preventive medicine and public health at the KU School of Medicine–Wichita, the four-phased project is a collaborative partnership that also includes the Garden City-based United Methodist Mexican American Ministries health clinics and Scott County Hospital. The first phase, an assessment of needs, is complete. The second phase – to bring specialized care for mothers-to-be and new mothers to the region – began in late August 2015.

Community Connections

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