Leavenworth County

Updated January 2013

Leavenworth County is served by the East office of KU Medical Center's Area Health Education Centers (AHECs) in Pittsburg, which serves the state through student education initiatives, professional education for health care providers, health screenings, clinics and public presentations on health topics.

Enhancing Student Education

  • 45 students from Leavenworth County are currently studying at KU Medical Center.
  • Leavenworth County is part of the Eastern Medical Education Network with Robert Haskins, MD, a resident of Pittsburg, serving as the Medical Education Director. The medical education director helps coordinate the School of Medicine's efforts to mentor, train and place physicians throughout Kansas.

Strengthening the Health Care Workforce

  • 248 KU Medical Center graduates live and/or practice in Leavenworth County.
  • 3 Leavenworth County physicians received funding through the Kansas Bridging Plan, a loan-forgiveness program offered since 1991 to primary care medical residents who agree to practice in rural Kansas.
  • 3 shifts were covered by temporary physicians, which allowed Leavenworth County physicians necessary time off in 2012. These coverages were made via KU Medical Center's Kansas Locum Tenens and Kansas Medical Resource programs.
  • 107 health care professionals from Leavenworth County participated in KU Medical Center continuing education courses and conferences in 2012.

Advancing Health Care Access

  • 28 Leavenworth County residents made visits to KU Medical Center health care providers in outreach clinics held outside of Kansas City in 2012.
  • 15 Leavenworth County residents saw KU Medical Center health care providers via telemedicine, an interactive video technology that connects providers and patients when distance separates the two, in 2012. These services are provided through the University of Kansas Center for Telemedicine and Telehealth.

Serving Communities

  • KU Medical Center faculty and staff provided educational resources on diabetes care, dialysis care, breast health and cancer prevention for 14 caregivers at Kickapoo Nation in Leavenworth County in 2012.
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Last modified: May 30, 2013
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