Doniphan County

Last updated August 2014

Enhancing Student Education

  • K-12 students in Doniphan County participated in activities during Fiscal Year 2014 that encouraged them to consider careers in health care, math and science. These events were hosted by the Area Health Education Center and Office for Cultural Enhancement and Diversity.
  • Doniphan County is part of the Eastern Medical Education Network with Robert Haskins, MD, a resident of Pittsburg, serving as the Medical Education Director. The medical education director helps coordinate the School of Medicine's efforts to mentor, train and place physicians throughout Kansas.

Strengthening the Health Care Workforce

  • 10 KU Medical Center graduates live and/or practice in Doniphan County.
  • 1 health care professional from Doniphan County participated in KU Medical Center continuing education courses and conferences in FY14.

Advancing Health Care Access

  • 54 Kansans received free medical attention and education in FY14 through preventive screenings and events hosted in Doniphan County with support from KU Medical Center programs.

Serving Communities

  • Doniphan County is served by the East office of KU Medical Center's Area Health Education Center (AHEC) in Pittsburg, which serves the state through student education initiatives, professional education for health care providers, health screenings, clinics and public presentations on health topics.

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Last modified: Aug 22, 2014