Brown County

Updated December 2015

  • Brown County is served by KU Medical Center's Area Health Education Centers (AHECs), which serve the state through student education initiatives, professional education for health care providers, health screenings, clinics and public presentations on health topics.

Enhancing Student Education

  • 2 students from Brown County are currently studying at KU Medical Center.
  • 6 Brown County physicians serve as volunteer KU Medical Center faculty, providing medical students with hands-on training in rural and underserved communities as part of the Rural Preceptorship Program.
  • 21 high school students in Brown County participated in activities during the 2014-15 school year that encouraged them to consider careers in health care, math and science. These events were hosted by the KU AHECs.
  • Medical students spent six weeks working with primary care physicians and conducting a community-based research project in 27 counties, including Brown County, as part of KU Medical Center's summer 2015 Rural Primary Care Practice and Research Program, one of several programs designed to encourage students to consider practicing medicine in a rural Kansas community.
  • Brown County is part of the Eastern Medical Education Network with Jon Sides, M.D., a resident of Burlington, serving as the medical education director. The medical education director helps coordinate the School of Medicine's efforts to mentor, train and place physicians throughout Kansas.

Strengthening the Health Care Workforce

  • 34 KU Medical Center alumni live and/or practice in Brown County.
  • 1 health care provider has been placed in Brown County since 2004 through the Kansas Recruitment and Retention Center, which provides placement assistance to rural health organizations and seeks to enhance the quality and quantity of health care professionals in rural Kansas.
  • 3 Brown County physicians received funding through the Kansas Bridging Plan, a loan-forgiveness program offered since 1991 to primary care medical residents who agree to practice in rural Kansas.
  • 154 enrollments in KU Medical Center continuing education/professional development courses and conferences by Brown County health care professionals in Fiscal Year 2015. Continuing education programming is offered by KU Medical Center's Continuing Education and Professional Development and KU AHECs.
  • 40 professional education and administrative visits in Brown County occurred in FY15 via telemedicine, an interactive video technology that eliminates distance as a barrier to health care, continuing education and interprofessional collaboration. The technology is operated by the University of Kansas Center for Telemedicine and Telehealth.

Researching to Improve Health

  • American Indian populations suffer from significant cancer disparities. Rural American Indian communities, in geographically large states, such as Kansas, experience even greater access to cancer screening and treatment disadvantage due to dispersion of specialists and facilities. The Kansas Community Cancer Disparities Network (KCCDN) concentrates on reaching rural American Indians in Brown County with innovative programs to improve knowledge, access and utilization of beneficial biomedical and behavioral cancer procedures. Using community based participatory research methods (CBPR) and linking our primary care research network (the Kansas Physicians Engaged in Prevention Research, KPEPR) to the Midwest Cancer Alliance network, the KCCDN seeks to improve outreach, research and training on cancer disparities. This research is led by Allen Greiner, M.D., MPH, and is sponsored by the National Institutes of Health.
  • Researchers at KU Medical Center, the American Indian Council Inc., the Kansas City Indian Center and Johnson County Community College have developed "All Nations Breath of Life," a culturally tailored program designed to help American Indians stop smoking while respecting their traditions involving tobacco.

Advancing Health Care Access

  • Brown County residents saw KU Medical Center health care providers 8 times via telemedicine in FY15. An interactive video technology that connects providers and patients when distance separates the two, telemedicine services are provided through the KU Center for Telemedicine and Telehealth.
  • 50 Brown County residents participated in outreach activities conducted by the Center for American Indian Health at KU Medical Center in FY15. The CAICH develops and implements a variety of culturally-tailored programs to close health disparities in rates of cancer, diabetes, cigarette smoking and other important health issues.

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