Warren Appointed to State Advisory Council on Aging

November 15, 2012

By Cori Ast

Mary Beth Warren, MS, RNKansas Governor Sam Brownback appointed Mary Beth Warren, MS, RN, executive director of KU Medical Center's Area Health Education Centers, to the State Advisory Council on Aging. Warren will serve on the council through June 30, 2015.

Warren became interested in serving on the State Advisory Council through her service on the Governing Board for the Southeast Kansas Area Agency on Aging.

"My work with the Southeast Kansas Area Agency on Aging made me aware of the need for representation on the statewide board from southeast Kansas," Warren said, explaining the diverse needs across the state.

Warren said she was also interested in the position because of personal experience. "Dealing with aging parents over the last several years has made me personally aware of the challenges we face. As a nurse, I was aware of the needs of an aging population, but having felt it personally made me even more motivated," she said.

The State Advisory Council on Aging serves in an advisory capacity on various aging issues for the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services, Governor, Kansas legislature, and other public and private entities. Warren is one of 15 members on the council.

Warren said issues related to Kansas' aging population needed to be addressed immediately.

"Kansas is an aging state. We are going to face challenges in helping our elderly. To make those solutions financially feasible, we have to address the challenges now," Warren explained. "In a lot of ways, this is the perfect storm. A lot of people are not realizing the fiscal implications for these things. We can't wait."

Last modified: Apr 15, 2014