AHEC Promotes Breast Health in Ashland

Ashland, Coldwater

Locations: Ashland, Kansas
Coldwater, Kansas
Wilmore, Kansas
Englewood, Kansas
Protection, Kansas
Outreach Dept: AHEC
Program: Breast Cancer Awareness


AHEC Promotes Breast Health in Ashland  On October 30, 2009, Ashland Health Center and Comanche County Hospital joined forces with three other communities to raise funds for the WEPA, a nonprofit alliance that provides education, resources and preventive cancer services for women in Wilmore, Englewood, Protection, Ashland and Coldwater, Kan.

What began as a simple fundraiser for breast cancer research grew into a weekend dedicated to communities connecting to support improved health. The main event, Hoops for Hope, was a women’s basketball game featuring local and “celebrity” players. The game was televised and was featured in Sports Illustrated.

The University of Kansas Medical Center’s Area Health Education Centers (AHECs) took part in the community health fair held the morning after the big game in Ashland. The health fair, held at the elementary school, was open to the general public and focused on preventive health care. AHEC Southwest hosted a booth focusing on breast cancer and prevention which included breast models to show examples of how to do self examinations.

Women were able to use the models to learn about breast lumps of various sizes, shapes and locations. The booth had posters with mammogram images that showed a healthy breast and one that had breast cancer. Overall, the AHEC booth was a great addition to the event as a whole.

Last modified: Apr 15, 2014