Rural Health Statistics


Kansas Recruitment and Retention Center

  • Since 2004, the KRRC has helped more than 200 health care providers find a place to practice in Kansas.
  • Health care providers placed by the Kansas Recruitment and Retention Center are now serving 1,297,563 Kansans.
  • Currently, the KRRC has career opportunities in Kansas for more than 40 different types of health care specialties.
  • The KRRC has more than 500 health care providers actively seeking employment in Kansas.

Kansas Bridging Plan

  • Since 1991, more than $2,100,000 has been distributed to participants of the Kansas Bridging Plan. This successful loan forgiveness program for primary care physicians has retained 80% of participants in Kansas.
  • Currently there are 161 Kansas Bridging Plan participants practicing medicine in Kansas.

Kansas Locum Tenens

  • In the last 10 years, KLT has provided more than 3,300 days of primary care temporary coverage in rural Kansas.
  • To date, KLT has filled 84% of service requests.

Kansas Medical Resource

  • Since 2008 KMR providers have covered more than 447 days of temporary coverage throughout Kansas for primary care, obstetrics/gynecology, radiation oncology, hematology oncology, palliative care, and hospitalists.
  • KMR has filled 96% of primary care days requested and 88% of specialty care days requested.

Kansas Career Opportunities

  • More than 30 Kansas communities exhibit each year at Kansas Career Opportunities. This annual career fair is held each fall in Kansas City and Wichita and attracts approximately 400 health care providers who are interested in finding a job in Kansas.

Kansas Connections

  • This online newsletter covers topics about health care in rural Kansas. It is created and distributed by Rural Health Education and Services bi-monthly and distributed to more than 700 individuals.

Last modified: May 05, 2016