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Rural Kansas Photography Contest Categories


Banner image of old barn by photographer Kevin Kirkwood

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Kansas Country Living cover sample

  • Kansas Country Living Grand-Prize Winner: The Kansas Country Living editorial team will choose from all of the entries a $100 grand-prize winning photograph that will be featured on the January cover of the magazine. To the left is the 2020 cover featuring a photo by Eric Dyck. Kansas Country Living tells the story of our rural Kansas communities and the people our electric co-ops serve. Photos should be a minimum of 8 x 10 inches at 300 dpi.

    • Kansas Country Living magazine carries out the mission of the state's 27 distribution electric cooperatives and three generation and transmission co-ops to help improve the quality of life of their consumer-members. The monthly magazine, with a circulation of approximately 132,000, reflects the lifestyles and cultures of rural, suburban, and small-town Kansas and covers topics that impact rural electrification and the rural way of life.  


LIVE in Kansas

All Smiles by Peggy Kinsch
  • Hometown Kansas: Show us the beauty, hustle and bustle, highlights, landmarks, or people that make up your favorite Kansas town, hometown, or county.
    First Place winner will receive $75 and Second Place winner will receive $35.


WORK in Healthcare

Time Out for Prayer by Rebekah Chappel
  • Healthcare Heroes (see example): Focus on a healthcare hero in your community. Grab your camera and shoot a portrait or casual shot and provide a few sentences on why this healthcare hero has earned his/her cape (individuals or group of any healthcare provider or first responder). Entries in this category may also be shared through our social media channels.
    First Place winner will receive $75 and Second Place winner will receive $35.
Ellsworth County Medical Center by Michael O’Connor
  • Healthcare Facilities Showcase your photography skills by turning the spotlight on your community's healthcare facility.
    First Place winner will receive $75 and Second Place winner will receive $35.


PLAY all Day

Prepare for Takeoff by Denise Riebau
  • Wildlife and Critters: This beloved category highlights all the fuzzy, furry, creepy and crawly friends that call Kansas home. First Place winner will receive $75 and Second Place winner will receive $35.


15 Year Celebration

Lane by Kevin Anderson
  • Kansas in Black and White: We asked our past photographers to share what new category they'd like to see for the 15th annual contest and the winner was Black and White. Wow us with remarkable Kansas-themed photographic work that shows the dynamic relationship between light, dark, and all the tones in between. 
    First Place winner will receive $75 and Second Place winner will receive $35.

All photographs © their respective photographers. Used with permissions.



Dr. Nathan Sanderse by Amanda Sanderse

"FBA few weeks ago, my husband, who is an internist at KU Medical Center, was admitted for an emergency appendectomy. He sheepishly told the doctor on service that he knew he should have come in earlier but didn't want to be a bother. This was my husband's first hospital stay and first surgery. He was in the hospital for 3 days. As I drove him home after his stay he remarked how helpless he felt as a patient. How all his power was gone and he was at the mercy of the doctors and nurses and he didn't like that feeling of not having control. I thought he was going to criticize his care, but instead, he said, "I never thought that that must be what my patients feel." I am so proud to have a husband who works so completely at his job that he doesn't just better himself with lectures and textbooks, but with understanding patient care." - Submitted by Amanda Sanderse about Dr. Nathan Sanderse.

Last modified: Oct 26, 2020
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