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Mission Scholarships

    • *CMDA membership is at no cost for student members. 

  • Westra Short-Term Mission Scholarship
    • For third or fourth-year medical students enrolled in a traditional four-year program in an approved US medical school. Must be a CMDA member (Christian Medical & Dental Association).
  • James P. Owen Mission Scholarship
    • For medical students enrolled at Southwestern Medical School in Dallas. Must be a CMDA* member (Christian Medical & Dental Association).
  • Johnson Short-Term Mission Scholarship
    • For MD/DO residents or fellows. Must be a CMDA member*.

  • Tami Fisk Mission Travel Grant
    • For medical personnel desiring mission service in East Asia. Must be a CMDA member*

  • Naomi Kim Medical Missions Scholarship Fund
    • Scholarships are given to healthcare students participating in their first Global Health Outreach short-term medical missions trip. Must be a CMDA member*

  • Dermatology/Nursing Medical Missions Scholarship
    • To assist selected dermatology residents, nurses, nursing students, medical residents, and medical students in participating in their first Global Health Outreach short-term medical missions experience. Must be a CMDA member*

  • FCPA Mission Matching Grant
    • Must be a fellow or student member in good standing of the FCPA (Fellowship of Christian Physician Assistants) for at least one year prior to making an application for a matching grant.

  • WPC Mission Trip to House of Hope in Managua, Nicaragua
    • Through the generous donations of Women Physicians in Christ graduates, scholarship(s) up to $1,000 are available for female medical and dental students wishing to participate in joint GHO / WPC trips. Must be a CMDA member*

  • Project Medsend Grant
    • Student loan grants for healthcare professionals going into full-time overseas missions. CMDA membership not required.

Other Scholarships

Last modified: Mar 13, 2020
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