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Medical Mission Partners of Kansas

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We're looking for resident physicians, and medical, PA,
APRN and nursing students who have a spirit of service.

Learn more about the International Medical Education and Mission Award (IMEM) or apply now!

The Kansas Recruitment and Retention Center (KRRC) is proud to partner with Kansas healthcare organizations that support and offer incentives for providers to help fulfill their desire to serve in medical missions. Our new endeavor is called Medical Mission Partners of Kansas!

Awards are available for resident physicians, and medical, PA, APRN and nursing students.

Awards are financially supported by healthcare organizations that make it their mission to not only help their own Kansas communities but also extend that compassion and share healthcare expertise world-wide.

Serve at Home & Abroad

How the Kansas Recruitment and Retention Center can help:

The KRRC works with healthcare organizations in Kansas that offer medical mission incentives.

The KRRC can help if you are looking for a:

  • Permanent position with the added benefit of providing medical missions periodically.
  • Temporary position while you're back in the States, but primarily serve abroad.

Last modified: Dec 31, 2019
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Your Mission

IMEM Award Application Cycles

Fall: 9-2-19 to 10-18-19
Winter: 1-1-20 to 2-29-20

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