Loan Forgiveness and Repayment Options

Kansas Bridging Plan - Loan Forgiveness

Rural Health Education and Services (RHES) administers the Kansas Bridging Plan (KBP)  to assist communities and resident physicians in meeting the need for primary care providers throughout the State. The KBP  is a loan forgiveness program designed to encourage primary care physicians to practice in rural Kansas upon completion of residency training. The organization and the State provide a financial incentive in exchange for a 36-month commitment from a physician to practice in a community. Learn more about the Kansas Bridging Plan.

National Health Service Corps - Loan Repayment

The National Health Service Corps (NHSC) Loan Repayment Program provides $50,000, tax free, to primary care medical, dental and mental health clinicians in exchange for two years of service at an approved site in a Health Professional Shortage Area with a HPSA score of 14 or above. Providers with two years of service at an approved site in a Health Professional Shortage Area with a HPSA score of 13 or less can receive up to $30,000.  Upon completion of the service commitment, clinicians may be eligible to apply for (NHSC) additional support for extended service.

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Kansas State Loan Repayment Program - Loan Repayment

The Primary Care Office in the Bureau of Local and Rural Health receives funding from the federal Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) through the National Health Service Corps to administer the Kansas State Loan Repayment Program (SLRP). The program provides loan repayment assistance to health professionals with qualifying educational loans.

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Community Stipend Programs in Kansas - Monthly Stipend

The Community Stipend Program provides a monthly stipend amount to resident physicians during residency and are typically tied to a practice commitment equal to the number of months the stipend was received by the provider. For more information, contact Sasha Randolph.

Additional Student Repayment and Scholarship Information may be found at the following links:

Last modified: Feb 15, 2017
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