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Hot Job: Clinical Director - Northeast Kansas

For more information or to apply email Jessica Hopwood or call 316-293-2649.

Our client is has an immediate opening for a Clinical Director with extensive clinical experience, a graduate degree, and a license in good standing in psychology, social work, or another field defined as QMHP.

The Clinical Director serves on the leadership team, the Quality Improvement and Risk Management Committees, and is supervised by the CEO and the Medical Director.

Duties and responsibilities:

  1. Responsible for the daily operation of the Center's clinic-based outpatient services (including medical), as well as the Center's intake and emergency services
  2. Responsible for recruiting, hiring, evaluating, disciplining, supervising, coaching, assigning, and terminating staff members under his/her direct supervision.
  3. Serves on the Executive Leadership Team, Quality Improvement and Risk Management Committees, and in such capacity strives to ensure that Center policies and procedures, especially those that relate to the Outpatient department, are carried out properly.
  4. Ensures that those staff members under his/her supervision understand and comply with Center policies and procedures.
  5. Develops and maintains good working relationships with outside agencies and referral sources, and seeks their input on the needs of consumers and the Center's operations.
  6. Responds to complaints and concerns, and conducts appropriate follow-up
  7. Assists the CEO in planning related to policies and procedures, services, facilities, staffing, and so on as pertains to the outpatient department.
  8. Monitors the caseloads and productivity level of provider staff under their supervision, and assists those staff in achieving acceptable caseload and productivity levels.
  9. Oversees the schedules of provider staff under their supervision and coordinates this oversight with the providers and Front Office personnel to help ensure efficiency in scheduling.
  10. Oversees the assignment of cases.
  11. Collaborates with the Director of Business Operations to ensure that the front office and provider staff under their supervision properly coordinate consumer care and treatment.
  12. Make sure that cases/consumers are properly followed and monitored, especially those who are in crisis, diverted from a hospital, or who are hospitalized, and coordinates closely with the Directors of Community Based Services and Community Support Services (or other as appropriate) in this area.
  13. Helps ensure that provider staff complies with managed care procedures, as well as procedures related to quality assurance and improvement such as utilization review, risk management, peer review, compliance, and so forth.
  14. Is responsible for supervising the timely and accurate flow of documentation to and from those who are under their supervision.
  15. Attends to the morale of those under their supervision, and promotes good working relationship within the outpatient department and between the outpatient department and other staff and departments.
  16. Evaluates the quality of the outpatient programs, and reports to the CEO.
  17. Makes sure that each individual under their supervision maintains their professional license/credentials and attends appropriate external workshops and in services.


Call or email Jessica now to learn more! 

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Last modified: Jan 23, 2020
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