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How can my organization sign up with the Kansas Recruitment and Retention Center (KRRC)?

Contact the KRRC office to discuss your unique workforce needs and select a Standard Annual or Standard Plus (no contingency) contract. Submit the appropriate contract, complete the client information form, then complete an opportunity profile form with position details. The KRRC will then start recruiting for the position(s).

What specialties does the KRRC recruit for?

The KRRC specializes in the recruitment of physicians, dentists, pharmacists, physician assistants, APRNs, nurses, dental hygienists, allied health care professionals, and behavioral health professionals.

Our organization is located in a large city, can the KRRC help recruit for our organization?

Yes, the KRRC can assist any health care organization in a rural, urban underserved, or metro community in Kansas. Organizations in rural or urban underserved communities can sign up with an annual or contingency contract and organizations in a metro community can sign up with an urban contingency contract. 

  • KRRC Fact: As of May 2018, the KRRC has made 234 placements in 61 different counties with 91 different employers.

How does the KRRC find qualified candidates?

Being a part of the University of Kansas Medical Center allows us the unique opportunity to build relationships and work closely with medical, nursing, allied health, and behavioral health professions students as well as resident physicians. In addition to in-state recruiting, the KRRC recruits regionally and nationwide from residency programs, professional organizations, and health care academic programs.

  • KRRC fact: More than 60% of the KRRC placements attended medical/professional schools in Kansas and more than 45% completed their residency in Kansas.

What if my organization only needs a temporary provider?

You're in luck! Rural Health Education and Services also manages the Temporary Coverage programs. Long- or short-term options are available. We work with full- and part-time faculty, resident physicians, and practicing professionals that are available to help fill temporary slots. For more information, call 316-293-2649 or email

Last modified: Jun 01, 2020