Health Care Organizations

The Kansas Recruitment and Retention Center (KRRC) assists Kansas' communities in recruiting and retaining health care professionals. The KRRC works with hospitals, private physician practices, community health centers and other organizations that are recruiting physicians, dentists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nurses, dental hygienists and allied health care professionals.

The mission of the KRRC goes beyond recruitment and retention. We strive to recruit the right candidates and work with the health care organization to develop a strategic retention plan that engages and supports the provider professionally and personally. To accomplish this mission, our approach starts with understanding the organization's workforce needs, opportunities for growth, organizational culture and community dynamics.

KRRC - Recruitment
We work one-on-one with the health care organization to develop an opportunity description, identify key characteristics of an ideal candidate and create a marketing plan to recruit candidates. Our recruitment specialists utilize best recruitment practices and offer guidance throughout the interview and hiring process. Once a candidate has been hired, we offer a wide variety of services, coaching and resources to support the health care organization's retention efforts. A health care organization may participate in KRRC's placement services by utilizing an Annual Registration and/or Contingency Agreement.

Annual Client Information Update - Brand new health care organization clients must complete this basic informational form each year.

Opportunity Profile Form - Once a health care organization signs an agreement, job opportunities can be submitted through this form.

KRRC - Retention
The KRRC recognizes that focused retention efforts are essential to building and maintaining a strong workforce. From building a detailed retention plan to conducting an employee satisfaction survey, KRRC has a wide-range of services to fit your organization's needs for retention support. A health care organization may participate in KRRC's retention services by utilizing any of our additional retention services.

Last modified: Jul 21, 2017

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