A health care employer may participate in KRRC's Recruitment services by utilizing an Annual Registration and/or Contingency Agreement. Please use the graph below to compare services offered.

Contract Services Annual Contingency
Number of job postings per contract Unlimited One
Length of contract One Year Until position filled
Annual fee Yes NA
Placement fee NA $6000-$12000
based on specialty
Job posting in Kansas Connections newsletter
Job posting on RHES website
Job posting on 3RNet and other recruitment websites, as applicable
State and nationwide recruitment of candidates
Job shared with current and future job seekers
Job shared at regional and national career fairs
Candidate assessment and summary with each referral
Basic preliminary screening of candidates
Post placement provider retention survey
Retention timeline and checklist upon placement
Print marketing to academic and residency programs NA
Additional online marketing NA
Extended individual marketing plan NA
On-site visit by KRRC NA
StrengthsQuest™ assessment and coaching session upon placement NA
Site assessment to strengthen organization and community profile NA

As part of our search to find the right candidate, KRRC recruits in-state, regionally and nationwide from residency programs, professional organizations and medical, nurse, physician assistant, nurse practitioner and allied health academic programs. In addition to the services listed in the graph above, best recruitment practices are employed to match candidates with health care organizations based on qualifications, interests, needs and priorities.

In addition to the services in the contract additional retention services are available.

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