Request Service

To participate in the Kansas Medical Resource (KMR) program and receive medical coverage, clients must send a signed contract to Rural Health Education and Services (RHES), and pay a fee. Once this is complete, clients must submit a Service Order Form to RHES. This needs to be done each time service is requested. Please submit the form six weeks in advance of the date the service is needed.

Once RHES receives the Service Order Form from the client, RHES will work to locate a Kansas Medical Resource provider. When a provider for the service is identified, RHES will contact the client to setup temporary coverage.

Fee Schedules

A KMR fee is paid to RHES and is due when a contract is signed. The fee for specialty care coverage is $1000/10 days of coverage.

The KMR fee for primary care coverage is $500 annually, which includes the first coverage up to five consecutive days. The program fee for primary care coverages after the first five consecutive days is $50/day.

In addition to the KMR fee, clients must reimburse providers directly, according to the appropriate fee schedule. Fee schedules are based on competitive rates for each specialty. Fee schedules are available on request.

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