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Kansas Locum Tenens (KLT) service is available to physicians in any county in Kansas except Douglas, Johnson, Sedgwick, Shawnee and Wyandotte.

To request service, a rural physician or hospital should complete a Service Order Form and submit it to Rural Health Education and Services (RHES). This needs to be done each time service is requested. Please submit the form six weeks in advance of the date the service is needed.

Once RHES receives the Service Order Form from the rural physician, RHES will work to locate a KLT provider from the faculty and resident physicians at The University of Kansas School of Medicine (all campuses). When a provider for the service is identified, a contractual agreement is signed.

Fee Schedule

KLT services are reimbursed at the coverage rates listed below. In addition, off site lodging must be provided.

Daily Rate (24hrs.) $ 1450
Holiday pay (per day): $ 200
Travel Fee (per hour): $ 30

Minimum one day pay required.

Upon completion of KLT  services, the rural physician or hospital will receive an invoice for service which will include information as to whom the check should be made payable. Payments are due within 2 weeks of completion of coverage. Late payments incur a $25 per day fee. An invoice for a $400 KLT fund fee will be sent with the service invoice to be paid to Rural Health.

This KLT fund fee will assist in the purchasing of malpractice insurance for resident physicians each year and aid in the volume of locum tenens service requests filled each year.

Last modified: Jun 20, 2016

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