Medical Professional Liability Insurance Sponsorship Policies and Procedures

Selection Criteria:

  1. Current Kansas Locum Tenens (KLT) providers in good standing receive preference.
  2. Providers who have demonstrated a commitment to rural Kansas receive preference.
  3. Must be in good standing with residency program and KC GME or WCGME.
  4.  Must currently meet all KLT requirements: current KS license, at least 2nd year resident, fee paid DEA, etc.

Selection Process:

  1. Applications will be reviewed in 4 week consecutive cycles with the first cycle starting July 1. Application may be completed here.
  2. Preference given to those as noted in selection criteria.
  3. Notification of sponsorship will be made at the end of the 4 week cycle, following signing of contract (if applicable) and KAMMCO insurance application completion.


  1. Resident physician must currently be in a Kansas residency program.
  2. KLT will select resident physicians to receive medical professional liability insurance sponsorship base on the selection criteria and available funding. KLT reserves the right to decline an application.
  3. Resident physician intends to complete at least 4 coverage assignments within a year. If the resident is graduating off-cycle, 4 coverages should be complete before graduation.
  4. KLT assists with medical professional liability insurance application via tips and application on website. KLT works with USI Midwest, LLC (insurance broker) and resident in getting application completed, quote returned and insurance in place.
  5. Resident physicians are required to carry a personal medical professional liability insurance policy in an amount no less than one million dollars per occurrence/three million dollars annual aggregate.
  6. KLT will reimburse the resident the amount of the liability insurance, up to $1400. Reimbursement is subject to taxes.
  7. Medical professional liability insurance policies are required to be purchased within 60 days of sponsorship approval. A copy of the policy must be submitted to KLT within those 60 days.
  8. If a resident is denied insurance coverage, they are not eligible for liability insurance sponsorship or the KLT program.
Last modified: Jun 20, 2017

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